After-Sales Service

We Make Sure Your Big Fan Works Smoothly

Step into our Big Fan After-Sales Service program! Our promise goes beyond the purchase – we're here to make sure your Big Fan runs effortlessly and reliably for many years ahead.
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Steps to Ensure The Best Performance

We're dedicated to ensuring your Big Fan (HVLS Fan) runs like a breeze, allowing you to concentrate on your main tasks. Check out the Check-up steps our service team follows to guarantee top-notch performance for your Big Fan!

1. Structure Mount

Ensure your Big Fan hang tight and strong! Our service team meticulously checks that it's mounted with precision, guaranteeing a secure and reliable setup that will keep your space breezy and cool.

2. Guy Wires

Let's talk stability! Our experts carefully inspect the guy wires, making sure they're not just fastened but also free from any wear and tear. Your peace of mind is our priority – ensuring your Industrial Big Fan is always in top-notch condition.

3. Anti-Drop Plate

Say goodbye to worries! The anti-drop plate is your fan's superhero, securing the hub and fan blades in place. Our service team ensures this plate is in perfect condition, standing guard to maintain the safety and efficiency of your Big Fan.

4. Blades Connections

Keep the breeze flowing smoothly! We pay special attention to the blades' connections, ensuring those bolts are fastened with precision. Your Big Fan's blades are our focus, making certain they stay securely in place, ensuring optimal performance every time.

Professional After-Sales Service

Our commitment to your happiness goes way beyond the sale! Our skilled technicians are ready for maintenance, troubleshooting, and top-notch technical support. Count on us to keep your ventilation systems running like a dream, allowing you to stay focused on what matters most – your core operations. Your peace of mind is our top priority!
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What Our Service Team Does

Equipped with years of experience in industrial services, the Waterline Installation Team is always ready to support you in any scope of installation work.
Electrical Checkup

Since our BigFan is solely electric, having the industrial standard wiring and connection ensures your fan runs smoothly.

Fan Servicing

In the events of unfortunate events where parts break down. Our service is on call for onsite scheduled servicing.

Securing Equipments

As a part of our check-ups routine. We make your all your equipments are securely fastened with the right torque.

Software Update

We have our engineers keeping you software updated and troubleshoot when any bugs arises.

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Feel free to drop us any questions you have, or schedule a visit to see the Big Fan in person!

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