5 Years on Mechanical Parts
2 Years on Motor
TORQGO delivers impressive airflow in big spaces while consuming shockingly low amounts of energy. Powered by an impressively compact Direct Drive motor that produces torque levels higher than you would expect, the TORQGO provides you air coverage and comfort at a fraction of the operating cost expected for a Big Fan.
Available in sizes from 5 to 6.1 meters diameter
Next Evolution Direct Drive motor
Crafted with Aircraft Grade Materials
3 to 5 Blades
Ultra Light
Variable Speed Control
Super Energy Saving

Three Blades is All You Need.

TORQGO fan blades are equipped with a unique Swiftblade™ airfoil design, producing industry-leading airflow per watt consumed by the motor. And with only three blades, a single TORQGO unit is able to produce a massive 280,000 CMH of airflow, covering 1,400m² of space.

Next Generation Direct Drive Motor

This isn’t an ordinary Direct Drive motor. Using technology that took years to develop, the TORQGO is powered by the next evolution of Direct Drive HVLS motors (technically referred to as Transverse Flux technology). Ultra-light, ultra-reliable, distinctively energy conserving, and most importantly, it’s a powerful torque monster.
Powerful yet light & compact.
No gearbox, means NO maintenance
Silent Operation.
Operates with only 500 Watts of power.

Forget About Costly Motor Maintenance

Unlike traditional Big Fans equipped with geared AC motors, the TORQGO is driven by a gearless motor. No gears mean no oil, and no oil means you don’t need to carry out periodic maintenance to check for leakages or perform oil replenishment – saving you the extra time, energy and expenses of doing so.

Advanced Touch Screen Control

Allows you to control up to multiple fans individually, thus reducing your initial investment and saving you wall space.

Controls up to 32 fan units individually
Programmable automatic start stop schedule
Ability to adjust fan speed according to surrounding temperature
Can be integrated with local fire-suppression and building management systems

Additional Features

Vibration Isolation

Uniquely designed Vibration Isolation System eliminates the transmission of excessive vibration onto the building structure, keeping everything securely in place.

Anti-Drop Plate

In the unlikely event that the fan blade is dislodged, it will be secured to the fan assembly by the Anti-Drop Steel Cable and Anti-Drop Plate

High Grade Material

Only high grade extruded aluminum alloys of no less than 6061-T6 quality are used - making this the most durable option in the market

Adaptive Base-Plate

Fan unit can be securely mounted on any industrial building truss/ceiling including circular, rectangular, I-Beam and concrete type

LED High-Bay

TORQ Big Fan series offers the option of attaching an industrial High Bay LED light under its frame to illuminate the surrounding space.

Extremely Long Rod

Compatible with down-rods up to 7 meters long, the TORQ series brings the airflow closer to the ground more than any other Big Fan.

Internal Steel Wires

A steel wire is looped inside each fan blade to prevent any fractured parts of the blade from dropping in the event of a collision.

Different Size, Different Usage


A compact sized Big Fan that produces rapid airflow. A perfect fit for tight spaces. This is not your average ceiling fan.

Recommended Height : 4 - 6 m above ground
Diameter: 3.1 / 3.5 m
5 Blades
Covers 300 m²


Big Airflow, Low Energy Consumption. The economy model designed to cut your Big Fan electrical bill in less than half.

Recommended Height : 6 - 10 m above ground
Diameter: 5.0 / 6.1 m
3 - 5 Blades
Covers 1,300 m²


The full performance package - The Fan moves an incredible amount of air with its powerful high-torque DC motor.

Recommended Height : 6 - 13 m above ground
Diameter: 7.5 m
6 Blades
Covers 1,800 m²

The Highest CMH per watt Fan Available on Earth.

For years, The HVLS fan movement has always been about who made the largest, bulkiest, meanest-looking big ceiling fan. Not us, we wanted to make our fans sleeker, lighter, swifter, and less energy sapping, but yet at the same time more powerful, and built-to-last. So we engineered a fan with a slimmer outline but with stronger materials, and built a motor that was smaller but churned out more torque than motors twice its size and weight.

The result of that is TORQ fans, fans that deliver the most CMH of air per watt consumed, on the planet.

Where is the TORQGO model most appropriate for?

Low energy consumption figures make this model very beneficial for large warehouses or logistic centers where multiple fans are required.
Applicable height range: 
7 to 12 meters
Medium to large sized factories, commercial areas, gymnasiums and other public spaces.

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