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As a systems integrator with over 15 years of experience in industrial ventilation, our company provides the necessary skill and understanding in this field to ensure the installation and performance of your Industrial HVLS Fan is of the highest quality. We live and breathe by the satisfaction of our customers.

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Using the latest advancements in HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fan technology, we’ve built a product catalog capable of serving distinct ventilation and cooling requirements for both indoor and outdoor applications

Available in 3 Options

HVLS Fan: TORQ Series

Unique Swiftblade™  producing industry-leading airflow per watt consumed by the motor
TORQ Series is powered by the next evolution of Direct Drive HVLS motors (technically referred to as Transverse Flux technology). Ultra-light, ultra-reliable, distinctively energy conserving, and most importantly, it’s a powerful torque monster.
HVLS Fan: BDC Series
US Engineered Drive System

HVLS Fan: BDC Series

Driven by a pioneering Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor type
Like true frontiersmen, our DC Fan series aims to change the playing field of the HVLS fan industry by providing a maintenance free fan that is energy saving and near-silent in operation, all while remaining impressively light in weight.
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HVLS Fan: BAC Series

Powered by a relentless European AC type motor
Our bread and butter, the Waterline 'BAC' combines practicality, endurance, and real results in a package that is competitively priced. A truly reliable force in the toolbox.
HVLS Fan: BAC Series
European Engineered Drive System

HVLS Fan Only Performance

Feel 5° C Cooler

HVLS Fan (Big Fan) creates air movement that can reduce the perceived temperature felt by a person. This effect allows the worker to feel cooler without having the air temperature being reduced - much like the experience of feeling a gust of wind or a sea breeze on a hot day.

HVLS Fan + Evap Cooler Performance

Feel 12° C Cooler

The HVLS Fan can also be complemented with Evaporative Cooling technology. By supplying the HVLS Fan with cool air produced by evaporative cooler units, the perceived temperature drop effect felt under this system can be improved by up to 12° Celsius. The performance of the evaporative cooler is dependent on the outside air temperature and relative humidity - which can be estimated in the following table:

Our Customers

Thoughtful Design

Air Change Rate, Air Velocity, Exhaust Air Rate – there are many factors that can determine the performance of your fan.

With over 15 years of experience in designing cooling solutions for open and enclosed spaces, our in-house team of system engineers and building consultants will advise you on how to strategically place your fan.

Professional Installation

Our knowledge and experience in building ventilation sets us apart from other installers. You can be sure that your Big Fan will be installed with precision and care.
Electrical Wiring Checkup
Responsive Fan Servicing
Securing Equipments
HMI Software Update

Professional After-Sales Service

Equipped with years of experience in industrial services, the Waterline Installation Team is always ready to support you in any scope of installation work.

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